Scholarship Winners Announced!

The St. Teresa of Calcutta Knights of Columbus Council have awarded the winners for the 2018 Scholarship contest.  Participants were asked to write a short, 500 word essay on “What community or church activity have I participated in that I am most proud of and why?”

Since it’s difficult to simulate a drum roll in print, or open and envelope for that matter, we’ll get right to the winners.

The runner-up and receiving a $250 scholarship to the University of Washington – Bothell, was Jeffrey Baldwin.  Jeffrey wrote of his experiences in teaching vacation bible school.

The winner, with a  $500 scholarship to the University of Portland, was Kathryn Lampe.  Kathryn wrote of a mission trip to Mexico and her time spent building shelters and ministering to the needy.

Both winners wrote of life-changing experiences and how their mission has called to them repeatedly.  Congratulations to both!

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