Parish Dinner Reopens Social Hall

After a season of construction, sawhorses, sawdust, mud, and tape; the new improved social hall was reopened for business.  The St. Teresa Council of the Knights of Columbus hosted a dinner and social for all to gather, break bread and have some fellowship.   A Thank You to Mary Braun for the photos!

A special thanks to the Bruan family, the Ornowskies, and the Mazzoncini’s; who did the lion’s share of the cooking.  The question was asked, and yes, all food, save the desserts, were prepared on site.  It was a very busy day in the kitchen.   A thank you as well to all the Knights that worked hard to set up tables, serve and clean up…  you know who you are.

Did I mention that there was plenty of food?

Sure, it looks bigger when nothing’s going on, but give it a couple of hours and this joint will be hopping.

Loaded up and ready to go. Nice view of the new fireplace!

Desserts are ready, but it seems that there has already been an raid by the “eclair bandit.”

Now things are filling up.  Brian in the checked shirt was the architectural liaison.

The Brain Trust. Father Frank with Andrew and his family. Andrew served as a construction focal for the hall renovations.

Mediterranean dieters insuring they get their salad and vitamin vino.



    John, I just noticed that you have the family with Father Frank identified incorrectly- It is Andrew Steinbrecher and his family.

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