Do We Need a New Aspergillum?

aspergillum_traditionalWe are exploring the possibility of buying an updated aspergillum for the church.  The aspergillum looks like a sphere mounted on a handle.   It has perforations that allow holy water to be sprinkled on the faithful.  It is often accompanied by a bucket or chalice with a handle to contain additional holy water, so that the priest may recharge the aspergillum.  Some traditions will substitute rushes, branches or hyssop for the aspergillum; but the bucket remains.

Either way, the priest is asked to dip the aspergillum into the bucket and then distribute the holy water by using a ‘casting’ motion, similar to fishing.  Typically, the priest would proceed up and down the aisles, repeatedly dipping, casting and reminding the faithful of their baptismal vows.

59162An increasing number of priestly occupational injuries have been occurring.  The problem is exacerbated when the parish is large or the arrangement of the sanctuary is inconvenient.  Particularly grievous is the church designed with fewer aisles and longer pews in-between.  To insure that the faithful cloistered mid-pew get their blessing, the priest must be exceptionally vigorous with the ‘casting’ motion.

“This has led to a near epidemic of Tommy-St. John surgeries and rotator cuff repairs in the shoulder.”
Sources in the know will only refer to it by an obscure Latin title, labrum sacerdotialis.   This has led to a near epidemic of Tommy-St. John surgeries and rotator cuff repairs in the shoulder.  In an effort to stave off such injuries, some cathedral parishes have gone to the reliever system once the starting priest shows signs of fatigue or injury.  The deft observer may see the bishop signaling for a left or right-handed relief priest to continue the rite of aspersion.   Many priests will privately acknowledge that being benched by the bishop and replaced with a relief priest can be an emotionally scarring experience.  Knowing this, bishops are reluctant to call for a reliever and may leave a priest in until he’s done himself an injury.bbtvpft-img

Unlike the cathedral, diocesan parishes usually don’t have the option for a relief priest.  Vocations being what they are, the starter is likely the only priest the congregation will have that day.  Accordingly, it is important for lay organizations to protect the health of their pastors.  Recently offered by Rome Depot, this holy water dispenser uses an ingenious combination of internal combustion engine and high-pressure water pump to insure that all receive a proper blessing.  From the Rome Depot advertisement:

Holy Water Pressure Sprayer

During Easter Mass and at other times the People are sprinkled with Holy Water (aspersion).

We have just the equipment for every need.

We have available Holy Water Sprinklers & Pots.
$490 per set.

Or to really soak down the congregation we now offer the heavy duty Holy Water Pressure Sprayer rated at 3000 psi. This will ensure that everybody in the congregation will be adequately sprinkled without you having to throw your arm out!

Not limited to just the Church, this Holy Water Pressure Sprayer will have your house spiritual and physically clean in no time.

It would be nice if the sprayer came in a John Deere green for rural parishes.

Thanks to the Curt Jester.  Please note the posting date!


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