Washington State Council Annual Meeting

17 May 19 – 19 May 19 all-day America/Vancouver Timezone
Hilton Hotel, Bellevue, WA
300 112th Ave SE
Bellevue, WA 98004
Washington State Council Annual Meeting @ Hilton Hotel, Bellevue, WA | Bellevue | Washington | United States

a. ELECTION OF CONVENTION DELEGATES – Certificates of Election for the delegates and alternates to the State Convention will be sent to the Financial Secretaries during February. The State Convention will be held in Bellevue from May 17-19, 2019. The councils should hold the election of convention delegates as soon as possible after the council receives the certificates and promptly return them to the State Secretary. NOTE that credentials forms are no longer required by the bylaws and will not be sent to the councils, but Certificates of Election are required!

b. RESOLUTIONS-TheStateSecretarymustreceiveresolutionsforconsiderationatthe2019State Convention by March 15. All resolutions will be reprinted and forwarded to the councils by April 15, 2019. For additional information refer to the Washington State Council Bylaws, Article III, Meetings, Section 5. Instructions on how to write a resolution are found on the2018 Resource DVD under Grand Knight’s Handbook, then GK Reference Guide (Part II Section 3, pp II-16 to II-19). Be sure that all submissions are in WORD.DOC format only. No PDFs or other formats

c. CONVENTION BOOKLET – A summary of each council’s annual activities will be submitted electronically in WORD.DOC format only. The writing of the summary is the responsibility of the Grand Knights, District Deputies, and State Chairmen. Grand Knights should begin drafting an outline of what their council has done since the last State Convention. The council report is due to the District Deputy by April 1, in WORD.DOC format only

Each council’s report should be no longer than a 1/2 page in WORD.DOC format only. Guidelines and information are found on the 2018 Resource DVD under Grand Knight’s Handbook, then GK Reference Guide (Part II Section 3, pp II-15 to II-16).

The District Deputies will finalize and consolidate their district’s report and convert any handwritten council reports to WORD.DOC format only prior to submitting it to the State Secretary. The District Deputy should include a short report about district activities, in WORD.DOC format only. The deadline for submittal of reports by District Deputies and State Chairmen to the State Secretary is April 10.

State Chairmen and other appointees are responsible for their own report and getting it to the State Secretary by April 10, in WORD.DOC format only.

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