Washington State March for Life

With a kickoff mass in Lacey, the Washington State March for Life concluded on the Capitol steps.  Marchers were encouraged to follow up by visiting their legislators and letting them know that all life is important, from conception to natural death.  Marchers listened to speakers, preachers and legislators on a cold and blustery day.  Oddly, … [Read more…]

Wounded Warrior 2018

The St. Teresa of Calcutta Knights of Columbus is pleased to participate in the Heartbeat for Wounded Warriors program for 2018.  We were connected with a Wounded Warrior and his family and were able to provide a little assistance and some Christmas cheer.  To protect the family’s anonymity, we aren’t going to provide any last … [Read more…]

Council Receives Columbian Award

The St. Teresa of Calcutta Knights of Columbus received a 2018 Columbian Award from the Supreme Council of the Knights of Columbus.  This award recognizes excellence in your council’s programming and charitable outreach.  Councils must conduct and report at least four major programs in each of the Service Program categories: Faith, Family, Community, and Life. … [Read more…]

Essay Scholarship Deadline Looms

The St. Teresa of Calcutta Knights of Columbus is sponsoring a scholarship contest and the submission date is fast approaching.  The scholarship requires no data on GPA, last term grades or anything like that. 2018ScholarshipEssayApplication The only criterion is the submission of the application form and the associated essay.  Get it in!  The clock stops … [Read more…]

Dagwood construction

Those sandwiches for the Special Olympics participants don’t just make themselves.  Staffing the sandwich assembly line is our District Deputy (and fellow council member) Roddy with his lovely wife and daughter. Dialing up the heroism, Roddy bounced back from a late night council meeting (and poker knight) for this “dawn patrol” event.

Heartbeat for Wounded Warriors

Knights of Saint Teresa – We sponsored the Segers Family from Arlington this Christmas as part of the Wounded Warrior program.  Tristan served with the 101st Airborne Division (Army) with a Pathfinder unit (specialized recon/infantry).  He lost his right leg in 2010 and is going through hard times this year.  It was such a heartwarming experience … [Read more…]