Essay Scholarship Deadline Looms

The St. Teresa of Calcutta Knights of Columbus is sponsoring a scholarship contest and the submission date is fast approaching.  The scholarship requires no data on GPA, last term grades or anything like that. 2018ScholarshipEssayApplication The only criterion is the submission of the application form and the associated essay.  Get it in!  The clock stops … [Read more…]

Dagwood construction

Those sandwiches for the Special Olympics participants don’t just make themselves.  Staffing the sandwich assembly line is our District Deputy (and fellow council member) Roddy with his lovely wife and daughter. Dialing up the heroism, Roddy bounced back from a late night council meeting (and poker knight) for this “dawn patrol” event.

Do We Need a New Aspergillum?

We are exploring the possibility of buying an updated aspergillum for the church.  The aspergillum looks like a sphere mounted on a handle.   It has perforations that allow holy water to be sprinkled on the faithful.  It is often accompanied by a bucket or chalice with a handle to contain additional holy water, so that the priest … [Read more…]

Theology on Tap

  Meeting at The Collective, in Woodinville, members meet to have a beer and enjoy each other’s company.  Celebrating π day, the birthdays of Albert Einstein, Frank Borman, and Gene Cernan, there was a lively discussion of a number of topics.  As you can see, there is an empty seat.  This seat is for you, … [Read more…]

Star Council Repeat!

The Blessed Teresa Knights of Columbus Council #14046 of St. Teresa of Calcutta Catholic Church is pleased to announce that they have been honored as a Star Council for the second year in a row.  This award is a recognition by the Supreme Council of the Knights of Columbus, of a council that exemplifies the virtues associated … [Read more…]