Sponsored Seminarians and Postulates

The Saint Teresa of Calcutta Council of the Knights of Columbus has the great honor and privilege of sponsoring seminarians and postulates as they discern their vocation.  The council provides them with a small stipend each year to help them defray personal and professional expenses. Our seminarians and postulates are listed below.

Ben Bray
Mt. Angel Seminary
1 Abbey Dr, St Benedict, OR 97373


Deacon Ben is scheduled to be ordained to the priesthood in June of 2019.


Catherine Porter
10300 Cody Street
Overland Park, KS  66214

Catherine Porter – Apostles of the Interior Life

My name is Catherine Porter

I was born… in Seattle, Washington on January 31, 1984.

I graduated…from the University of Washington with a degree in Applied and Computational Mathematical Sciences and a degree in Spanish.

I heard about the Apostles for YEARS before finally meeting them. My friend Beth had known them in her college years at the University of Illinois, and was always talking about the beautiful Italian sisters. I finally got to meet them when they hosted a retreat in the Seattle area in February of 2014.

My first impression of the Apostles…I was immediately struck by their holiness and joy, as well as their humanity.

Read more of Catherine’s vocation story at http://www.en.apostlesofil.com/project/catherine/.